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Do you mean offset lines to make 2D walls, or offset series of wall objects? I fear the answer is no in either case, although there is an offset tool that will offset lines/polys, and offsetted polys can be turned into walls using the "Create objects from poly" command.

Can you elaborate on the work-flow that you are seeking? How is "offsetting walls" useful?

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Fred, is this utility a lot simpler than entering the commands "ctrl + d" to duplicate the wall (assuming you have "duplicate in place" selected), them "ctrl + m" to move it? I admit that I use the offset command quite often with lines, as opposed to the above procedure.

To answer Robert's question, I use the above procedure very often with walls because it is the easiest way to lay out spaces with known dimensional relationships. My current method to lay out a building is to create short lengths of walls with the desired heights/thicknesses/cavities/etc., then duplicate, rotate, and move them to the correct locations, then join them all.

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Fred, Et. al,

I wonder if your goal is to create a lot of similar rooms?

If so the easiest way is to create the first room, put windows and doors in the walls that will occur in every case. Then use the Duplicate Array command to duplicate all the rooms you want - in two directions even.

One hint since the rooms undoubtedly have common walls - don't select what will be the common wall on one side to avoid doubling of walls necessarily.

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