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Changing the door preferences two times to set them!


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I'm using VW Architect 10.1.2 in Mac OS X 10.2.6 with all updates, latest Quicktime, etc. My computer is an iMac DV 400 Mhz, 768 MB of ram.

I have discovered a problem that I didn't notices before, altough it's been present since 10.0.1

Working in my drawings, i go to the Objects palette, click on Door and then Door preferences. There I choose the width, and change the config between cased opening, swing simple or swing bipart. I press ok, and when I'm over a wall, I click at the insertion point, and I get the previous kind of door instead of the one I just chose!

If I go to door preferences again, I see that the door config didn't change, and I try to change it again. I discovered that at the first try it doesn't change, I have to insist 2 or 3 times in order to get the change.

Is this a bug or what?

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I have occaisionally experienced this too. I think it has to do with selection of stuff in the drop down portions of the dialog and not letting VW "record" it internally.

I find that selection of one parameter in the drop down needs to be followed with "changing" a parameter in one of the data entry boxes and tabbing to the next. You don't acutally have to change a parameter Just tab into and out of it. Then close the dialog and the drop down box parameter comes out as expected.

The problem you experience is not readily repeatble in my equipment and seems to be more of a random occurrence.

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