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  1. I have tried several times to download the trial with no success. I have received an email with several instructions and I see a line that sayys: "Be sure to save this e-mail, as you will need the evaluation serial number provided below to activate the software after installation. To download your trial version, please choose one of these links:" BUT THERE ARE NO LINKS!! I have tried with 2 different email adresses, in differente browsers with no success. I already have 2 evaluation serial numbers, but can't download the software. What can I do? Thanks.
  2. I am using 10.6 and VW 2009 and while it is true it quits everytime I try to import any DWG file, it is running fine for me. I'll keep you up to date.
  3. Is anyone using VW 2009 on a new 2009 iMac, specifically the base 20" model with a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor with 256MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory? Maybe I can upgrade my current iMac and I would like to know how VW runs on it, because I feel it slow in both my current iMac and MacBook. Thank U
  4. Great. Thank you. Through this forum I've been solving all my issues as I just adopted VW2009. Great place. I will come back on monday for the update.
  5. Andrew: You got it! Excellent! Double clicking over the object snapping tool was the clue; the last box was unchecked. Now precision is back... Thanks a lot!
  6. I am using VW 2009 in Spanish and I am having serious trouble with snapping. In VW 2008 and previous, each time I was drawing a line, if I moved the cursor to a line or an arc. it will always show a cue like "obect/perpendicular" or "point" or whatever, that allowed me to finish the line exactly in another one, or in the border of a circle or an arc. In 2009, I have the same snap options I have used in previous versions, but I can't get snaps to correctly help me. So my drawings are very inaccurate now, if I zoom closer I can clearly see lines do not end exactly where I wanted to, when I drag a line to snap it exactly over another one it does NOT snap correctly, almost all the time it ends very close, but not exactly over the other one. What is going on? I have tried turning on all snap cues, and also tried the different preferences with no success yet. The general sensation it gives to me is that 2009 is not precise. Anyway I can't believe this, something must be not configured. What can it be? I have searched the site for updates, but there are no service packs available for Spanish. In another post I did some days ago I was told spanish SP3 will come today. Will these bring back my snaps? Thank you for your input.
  7. I'm really disappointed with this issue. My office made a big investment upgrading several workstations, and the local distributor never told us this essential tools were not included in the basic package. Looking across the webpage I can't find a precise comparison between the different packages.
  8. Were this items removed from Fundamentals in 2009? I had the idea this things appeared in version 12 or 2008 and I thought they were available across all packages. Very disappointing for me, as they are key tools for my work.
  9. I've been just upgraded to spanish version of Fundamentals 2009, but the version my office bought has two of my favourite commands grayed out... Rotate plan is not available, and neither the Navigation palette... Is anything I can do? Does one have to pay extra for these great features? Those were the best ones, I can't believe I will have to work without them.
  10. Where are the updates for the Spanish versionof VW 2009? Thank you, Hugo
  11. Please... that would be very helpful for me, as I don't have VW 8. I need to open only 2 files. Can I email them to you? Thank you!
  12. Can anyone convert a file for me? VW 2008 says it is too old and that I have to contact Nemetschek to open the file... Where do I send it? Thank you.
  13. Hello. I am having a repetitive problem with some files. All of them originally were drawn in Autocad, and then I imported them into VW 2008 and started drawing over the existing stuff. I have created new classes with color fills and linestyles, and despite I have checked the "use at creation" box, in many times objects do not respect the class attributes. Changes in the attributes palette do nothing, and frequently some objects inside symbols disappear, and I have to close and reopen the file in order for them to reappear. This situation never happens in files created in VW, only in imported DWGs. Any ideas?
  14. Excellent tips!!! I did it in 30 seconds! Great! Thank you very much!
  15. Hello. In some drawings, generally ones I have imported from Autocad, there are lots of points called "3D locus" that appear in lots of places. I usually remove them manually, but it takes me sometime to do that. Is there any way to remove all them in one operation? Thank you.
  16. Why when I import a DWG file, most of the blocks are imported as groups instead of symbols? I then have to redraw and reorganizate all the drawing again! Other times it has worked fine... do I have to make a special choice in the import dialog? I am loosing a lot of time. Thank you.
  17. i work in both Mac and Windows and the zoom is the same in both. Gets slower when the drawing gets complex. I too agree that real time zooming would be a great improvement for VW.
  18. I already sent the info Katie. Hope we will find an answer... The problem happens all the time regardless the exporting options. It simply disappears if I export to 12.5 and there export the DWG file.
  19. I have tried a lot of things and definitely VW2008 has a problem. The same files exported to 12.5 and exported to DWG from there work without problems. VW2008 (in both Mac and Win) is adding extra complexity to the DWG file that Autocad can?t deal with.
  20. Update: If I remove all hatches, the thing speeds up noticeably, but there is still a long delay when switching from paperspace to model in Acad 2008. It also happens in Acad 2004 and in other PCs.
  21. I am having serious trouble with the files I am exporting from VW2008 to Autocad (different versions). The files leave Autocad almost unusable by periods, with long delays between model and paperspace. I have removed lots of info (hatches, images, etc) in order to make them lighter, but the problem happens in lots of computers. This didn't happen with VW 12 and now my work is almost incompatible with other offices. What can be the cause of this? Any recommendations? All are 2D plans and elevations or sections. Thank U.
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