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Creating Event Site Topograpy In Spotlight?

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I mainly design lighting, staging and rigging systems with Spotlight and have been asked to create a site plan for an event on a 23 acre rural site. Looking for ideas on how best to create accurate 3D landscape topography without the Survey Input function contained in Architect and Landmark. Given the current world situation this kind of event is even more speculative than usual and buying Architect or Landmark is not feasible right now.


I am experienced with using topo maps for navigation but creating 3D landscape topography is outside my wheelhouse. It is however essential to the design of this event. The only way I see to achieve a 3D model with the tools available in Spotlight is to use topo lines to create something like this physical model (see pic). This seems clunky, time consuming and unlikely to give the photo-realistic presentation results I'd like. Any suggestions?



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