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  1. You're comparing modelling software to drafting software...apples and oranges in a lot of ways. I don't know Fusion 360 but have some experience with Solidworks. For pure 3D object design it's amazing but compared to Vectorworks it's incredibly clunky for creating the sets of BIM type drawings for theaters and sound stages that Vectorworks excels at. Vectorworks will do excellent 3D drawings once you learn it better. I remember going from the Whole Hog lighting console to the MA. My biggest problem (besides the fact the original MA manuals sucked beyond belief) was continuing to think in Whole Hog terms and function while trying to use the MA. Eventually I learned what the MA did the same only with another name, what the MA would the do the same but in a different way and what the MA would do the Whole Hog could not. You just have to accept the learning curve and put in the time. It's worth it. Vectorworks is by far the best software for general theatre/film/event design.
  2. The current Layher library is very good. When I started building my scaff library no such thing existed. A year and a half after posting this thread I suspect that despite technical difficulties it is only a matter of time before Braceworks technology allows creating complex ground structures with load capacity information and this will be much faster to do with an existing VW library than with a library created from scratch. I have not drawn any significant scaffolding for several months (and being shut down for the Covid duration probably won't for several more) but an issue I've had in the past has been the Canadian dimensions commonly available from my local suppliers haven't been adequately represented. Stairs have also not been easy to add and are very time consuming to create from scratch. And since much scaffold is supplemented with 1.5" pipe and stage truss accurately dimensioned libraries of pipe hardware like burtons, cheeseboroughs and Kee Klamp fittings would be incredibly useful too. I have built these things as I've needed to but my library is far from complete. Another step in the evolution could be tools that allow easy creation and modification of stair configuration and of base height adjustment with parameters determined by specific screw jack specs. I'd also like to see libraries of other manufacturers equipment as has been done with stage truss. The basic components are often consistent between manufacturers but not always and the specialty pieces unique to individual companies that designers may be using by choice or by availability can differ widely. TSS from Etobicoke Iron Works is typical of rental houses have here in Vancouver, BC. Things are definitely moving in the right direction. In 2017 when I showed Geoff McBeath my early system scaff drawings he didn't really understand how widely used scaffolding is in the entertainment industry and why I'd spend so much time building these symbols. But doing an image search for "live entertainment scaffold" and scrolling though page after page of images he got it instantly. One thing I appreciate about VW is how quickly and competently customer needs drive change.
  3. Ok then what I am assuming is I've already spent too much time ****ing around with this release and I need to get back to work. For several years from release to release I haven't had a single issue with cover flow or any other system view options becoming unavailable or needing to be turned back on. The company needs to pause and take stock. I don't care how fast a sports car goes and how many slick features it has if I can't find the headlight controls without taking my eyes off the road. Sorry if I'm being somewhat curt but this release has cost me a lot of work time I didn't get paid for and I'm frustrated. Looking for a file this morning and not having a view option that's been there seamlessly through several versions kinda put me over the top. I'll be ok. The cure for cancer isn't hanging on this.
  4. With 2019 Vectorworks is no longer integrated with the Mac OS cover flow view in Finder? WTF? It's one of the two Finder views I use and now it's now gone. Great. One more cluster**** release like this and I'm not sure I'll bother upgrading again. I don't care about more cool features if basic workflow components aren't there.
  5. And come renewal time you're only paying the regular renewal fee for that license correct?
  6. Here are the stairs and a wireframe screen capture showing snap point loci in the rosette and ledger head. Also built into all ledgers and standards are centre lines to snap deck hooks and various clamps common to scaff builds to. SYSTEM SCAFF STAIRS_180402.pdf SYSTEM SCAFF STAIRS_wireframe_180402.pdf
  7. Given the large amount of scaffold that gets used in the entertainment industry it would be very useful to be able to make these calculations with Braceworks. I just opened the Layer scaffolding file. I'm having software/hardware issues and can't do much but this library looks like it will be of limited use. Maybe there are additional files I did not download but Scaffolding Layher Allround Event.vwx is not a complete set of common system scaffold symbols and there are no loci to make snapping the components together easy. You won't be able to build very much or build it very quickly. Here are three PDF's of the scaff symbol library I've built so far. I intend to add more components as time permits or circumstance demands. The hidden line rendering does not show the snap points. If I can find the time and my computer doesn't freeze I'll do a wireframe version that shows how I've used 3d loci to make assembling structures simple and logical. I also have stair treads and stair stringers built but haven't exported a PDF. I've also got screw jacks, wheels and some other misc parts. SYSTEM SCAFFOLD SYMBOLS_BAY BRACES & STANDARDS_JB_REV 3_180213.pdf SYSTEM SCAFFOLD SYMBOLS_LEDGERS_JB_REV 3_180213.pdf SYSTEM SCAFFOLD SYMBOLS_WOOD DECKS 19" & 24"_JB_REV 3_180213.pdf
  8. Has anyone tried getting structural analysis of system scaff by asking Braceworks to see it as custom truss? I've built a library of system scaffold component symbols based on the Etobicoke Ironworks TSS catalog and next week when I've got the new iMac and undone the Mojave install I'll be trying to make scaff work accurately as truss. I would welcome any thoughts on the subject.
  9. 2018 had been working fine on a late 2013 iMac running Sierra. 2019 on the same machine running Mojave is not usable. With Mojave 2018 is also now too slow to be practical. I wish Apple would let you roll back without wiping your hard drive but with jobs to finish asap I guess a fresh start is where I'm at. Simple 2D drawing works well to get the immediate work done but text entry on design layers and in viewports is beyond painfully....20-30 seconds per character. Drawings aren't much good if they aren't annotated. I won't even bother trying to render anything or use Braceworks with this setup. It did kick my butt to order the iMac Pro I've been hemming and hawing on. While I'm sure ultimately it will be a good machine some of my problems must lie with 2019 bugs and/or compatibility problems with Mojave. Like many others I'm of the strong opinion that new versions and updates should come when they're ready not when a page falls off the calendar. That said a bug fix/Mojave compatibility update can't come quickly enough.
  10. I think a tablet does lessen the risk of physical problems a mouse can cause. Have no illusions though that a decades long mouse user will not struggle to make the switch. I've only tried to when my wrist was critically sore. Unfortunately that's been during very busy times when I couldn't afford to accommodate the learning curve. The tablet might be a better long term solution but switching between ergo gaming mice and trackballs with hair-trigger fast setups has worked too Question for successful tablet users. How many of you learned the tablet with Vectorworks as your primary drawing software?
  11. I have colleagues with graphics and hand drawing backgrounds who use tablets very successfully with Vectorworks. About ten years ago when I started to develop wrist problems I tried a cheap Wacom and more recently a Wacom Cintiq touchscreen tablet an animator friend gave me but I couldn't use either as my main input device. I do use the Cintiq very occasionally when redrawing non-vector freehand drawings I'm given but inevitably end up fine tuning that work with the mouse and Reshape tool. I would take the time to learn the tablet better if I had more freehand applications but for me it's a step backwards in workflow I can't justify. The Cintiq does make a nice little second monitor though....
  12. Running Mavericks I just installed the Vectorworks 2013 SP5 update and am still having crash issues with opening and saving files. I am unable to open files from within Vectorworks. Trying to do this crashes VW 100% of the time. Going to the target file and opening from the OS finder window works but it's roundabout and very annoying. Trying to save files to any folder other than what VW initially defaults to crashes VW. I have to save to whatever folder is offered (and do it quickly or VW crashes) and then move the file. Since I typically work with anywhere for five to twenty-five different files in a day these issues are a major speedbump I really don't want to put up with. After having made the investment in VW 2013 very recently I'm not especially excited about spending the money to update to VW 2014. If that will solve the crashing though it's probably worth it in expletives I won't yell. Any thoughts on this?


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