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Transom problem with sliding windows


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[Mad] I am frustrated with the window objects in VW Architect w/ Landmark and also VW Architect. I have v10.0.1 and am trying to make sliding windows for a residence. The "bug" I am experiencing goes like this:

Select the window object tool.

Click on the parameter set button.

Enter window data and leave the Transom button unchecked.

Place window in a wall.

Transom in info dialog is now grayed out and checked!!

In 3D views every blinking sliding window has a transom - which is NOT desired nor set!

Using other window types does not produce this result - the transom does not become checked and does not becom gray.

This occurs no matter which machine I use - Macintosh OSX 10.1.3, 9.1, 9.2, Windows 200NT machines - all in the office do this!

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This is a known bug. It should be fixed in the next available update.

If you need the new door and window asap, please email me and I'll send them to you.

To: tech@nemetschek.net

Subject: ATTN: Katie

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The VW 9 PIO's may cause you some problems in VW 10 as far as the window and doors go as things have changed in that dept.

If you email me, I'll send you the fix window and door vso files to prevent any issues you may have with using the vw9 pios.

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Thank you all for replying to my "little big bug" problem. I have emailed you, Katie, for the updated PIO set. It is causing me a lot of grief to do things as they should be.

Thanks Mike and Cipes Design for your posts. I had tried to use the VW9 PIOs in two ways - by import into VW10 and by back-sliding a copy of one design into VW9.x. I found that the imported PIO did nothing I wanted and a whole lot of what I did not want. (Wasted hours.) I put out a prelim. using the VW9 back slidden file but continue to work on the VW 10 file to move toward final results. Double work to bring the two files up even.

I have worked around the sliding window problem by simply using the Fixed Window and draw extra lines across it for the exterior elevation view. I let the single sheet of glass ride in the Renderworks views and touch up the prints with pen to make teh vertical divider at the middle of the slider. The sliding glass door problem is not so easily solved.

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