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  1. Does 2008 make use of multiple processors? How many can it address? What is the max ram it can address?
  2. There is know unistall option on the disk. I deleated the program &the entire folder in applications. Deleted pref file in user library pref. installed from disk. opened new file Untitled 1. I still cant save as or save a copy as. Stuart
  3. It happens with all VW files. I opened a new file untitled and cannot save to the desktop. Stuart
  4. This only happens with VW 12.5 VW 11.5 works fine Stuart
  5. I am only getting this message with VW 12.5, Yesterday I ran teh new version of Techtool Pro did all the scans surface etc. rebuilt the directory optimized, etc. still the same message. Stuart
  6. Yes I have tried other folders & the desktop
  7. This occurs saving to the local drive. not to networked drive.
  8. Adendum All worked fine in v12 this happen when i loaded v12.5 I reloaded V12.5 this did not help. Stuart
  9. When I try to save as, or copy save as I get the following message. "Internal Error-general failure encountered during disk I/O operation. (failure on attempt to open file)" This happens with all VW files All other Apps work fine. I can duplicate and rename files in finder and they work fine. Repaired both volume & disc with "disk Utility booted fron system cds. Repaired permissions. Using MAC BOOK PRO 1.83 intel core duo osx 10.4.7 Files work fine on G5
  10. I have been using the Mac Book Pro for a week now and am still very impressed with this machine. It is quiet small light and very fast. I have no noise and no disk problems, I was told to by a service tech to stay away from reconditioned machines. The only problems that I am having are software. The only sofware that I use that I have a problem with is Vectorworks (I have used Word, Excel, and Photoshop this week enough to feel comfident with them). Vectorworks seems to work fine and fast except for the items on the list. In addition to that windows PIO is broken it is not just muntin size, the sash often appears above the frame etc. When I phoned tech support they told me that the window PIO worked except for muntin sizes. However once the file is reopened with the G5 the window opened with the imfo pallet and settings are clicked it will fix it self. Conversely if you click on a window symbol of a window PIO and open the settings pallet on the Mac Book Pro the sash will move up, if you undo it will be fixed. You can move window PIOs replace window PIOs etc. just don't open the setting box. The other issues on the VW tech are less important for me. Can we get a patch for the window plug in before the release of v 12.5?
  11. I Purchased a new dual core 1.8mhz with 1.5 meg ram 15" laptop. It replaced a 1.33mhz powerbook wwith 2 meg ram. It is a wonderful machine. Not only is the screen much better (brighter and greater resulation) but I found it to be faster in almost all applications. I have a 1.8 single processor G5 with a 23" apple cimema display 5.5megs of ram. The laptop is almost twice as fast updating viewports rendering in hidden line. Some functions do not work see (http://kbase.nemetschek.net/index.php?ToDo=view&questId=91&catId=23). I have not experienced any speed loss actually quite the oppsite, it runs vector works faster then either the powerbook or the 1.8 work station. I noted that test show tested speed with a 1.8 GHz Intel Core Duo iMac. If these results are correct perhaps the IMac didn't have enough ram or there is more of a significant difference between the Imac and the Mac book Pro. I would urge vectorworks to patch the tools that do not work and not wait for a complete universal application.
  12. What happened to the Anderson & Marvin Products. I had hoped that there would be more products in v12 not less. When I try to import a v11.5 plugin I indicates that the file was not created with v12 I have to go back and open and save the old file. There should be a convert plugin dialog when you browse.
  13. stusavel

    dwg to dtm

    How can I convert a DWG. file to a dtm model?
  14. The break line tool seems to be brolen in 10.5 is there an easy workaround or a down load
  15. How do I move comands from one pallete to another? In previous versions when I created a new command (custom visibity or selection) it be place in the active pallet. It was also easy to move these from palette to another.


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