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Saving preferences elsewhere.


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Thanks Runtime.

I'd love to do that but I am unable to access the directory where this file is stored as it is in the C:\ directory and is not accessible due to permissions applied by the system admin. Even if I could access it to copy it, I still might not be able to write back to that directory. Is there anyway of embedding the prefs in the VW document so that it loads them with the file? Sorry, I don't want to take too much of your time as I know this really is quite trivial.



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You can't do what you want to do .. mostly because you don't have permissions to the location the prefs are stored.

The workspaces folder is stored in the VW folder in a folder called Workspaces.

The program preferences such as your serial number and name and a few other things is stored in the registry.

If you are constantly having to reset your VW and doc prefs because of crashing or something like that - you may have a larger problem.

Make sure you are using Vw 9.5.1 or later. If not, tell the teacher or whomever you guys need to update to VW 9.5.1 to alleviate these crashing issues.

SEcond - if you have to continuously enter in your serial number, VW permissions might not be setup correctly.

You should have read write access to hkey Local machine - software - nemetschek, hkey Current user - software - nemetschek and hkey users - *long number* - software - nemetschek.

If you do not have these permissions, the problems encountered could be related.

You can also ask the teacher/whomever to edit the registry by removing the Nemestchek folder from each of these locations and copying the registry entries from a computer NOT having the problems to your computer.

If the IT guy or teacher needs to contact us, have them call from 9 - 5pm est at 410-290-5114 Option 1 or email us at tech@nemetschek.net and someone here will be able to discuss the matter further with them.

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Hey all.

Just a query. Was wondering if there was any way to save my personal workspace preferences on my networked directory. I am at college and the C:\ drive is not accessible, so everytime the box crashes or I logon the next day, all my settings are back to the defaults, and I have to spend time changing toolbars, etc. I know this sounds lazy, but after a while it gets a bit tedious. We are running VW Architect w/ Renderworks 9.5 on win2k.


Mikie [Razz]

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