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  1. Hi Did anyone resolve this issue? It does seem a bit of a daft place to put a user preference. For example, running OS 10.2.6, we lock out our application directory (so it is not writable by the user) and change the ownerships too. How is a user going to maintain their workspace when their home directories are networked? Not exactly a 'user-friendly' environment when each time they login to a machine the workspace returns to the default. Very frustrating! Perhaps there should be an option to load your own workspace into VectorWorks? Any thoughts on this? Mike
  2. Ay indeed that is a meaty one! Well, thank you Robert as this has solved my problem. Mikie
  3. Hi again How do I draw a steel in the vertical axis? I have been able to draw them in plan, but am not able to rotate them so they are vertical.# Thanks, Mikie P.S. Do I have to do something with the working plane?
  4. Er, oh yeah. Thanks for stating the obvious... I dunno who put 'Vectorworks PowerUser' by my name; couldn't be further from the truth... Thanks again, Mikie
  5. Hi Katie. Thanks for the reply. I'm still having problems. It's probably really simple, and staring me right in the face, but I can't see it! I have extruded a recatangle into 3d space, and have not converted it to anything. In the OI pallette, when the object is selected, the word extrude appears. When I click the 3D reshape tool, I only get the option to move in the z axis. What I am trying to do is to clip the top edge by moving a vertex on two opposing corners so that it sits at an angle. Have I just confused you even more?! haha! Mikie
  6. Hi there. I'm trying to edit an extruded rectangle with the 3d reshape tool. I have converted it to 3d polys, and no luck, and I have tried converting it to nurbs with no luck. Whenever I click on the 3d reshape tool, I get no options in the mode bar. Can anyone help? Thanks Mikie
  7. Ah haa! Thank you P Retondo. What a tremendous idea! Mikie
  8. Hi Robert Thanks for the reply. Will add it to the wish list. Mike
  9. Hi there. How do I create dual pitch rooves in VWA10? The prefs only seem to support single pitch. Thanks Mike
  10. Hi again Katie Don't worry, just sussed it by going to 'set wall type' and editing one of the walls in the list. Thank you for all your help tho Mike
  11. Hi Katie Thanks for the reply - I think I have found a way around it. I have another question. I am creating walls with one cavity of 32mm. The external fabric is a double course of brickwork as is the internal fabric. What I need to do is to show the drawing conventions for the brickwork on plan, but I am unable to find a way to apply a hatch to the wall so it just fills the brickwork sections. All I am able to do is fill the cavity. I don't understand why a cavity would be filled anyway as it is a cavity; an empty space that is there to stop damp getting to the interior fabric. The only things in a cavity are wall ties. Mike
  12. Hey there I am having a bit of a problem with my Major Project building. The walls for this building are not built in a convenional way (It dates back to the 1700's) and I am unsure how to achieve this. In the following images I need to get the window (on the left) into the wall. Is there any way I am able to extrude the walls up off the ground plane as solid objects (any suggestions as to the type of 3d way to do this so they will be editible in the future will be most helpful) and then cut a hole in them, the shape of the window. If anyone knows the correct way to do this please help me out. Thanks Mikie
  13. Hi Robert. It would appear that Architect does not like polylines from Illustrator. I smoothed up the lines in illustrator and simplified them too. Still this did not work. I grouped the classes as well and pasted them into a new document so that they would be on the same layer and in one class. Still no luck. I tried as a pict and epsf too and still no luck. I tried a test set of countours that I made up in Architect using the freehand line tool, and it worked fine, so I guess it must be some sort of illustrator thing or similar. Oh well, guess I will have to draw it again. Hmph. Thanks anyway. P.S. You're up early for work on a Saturday.
  14. Hi there. At college, we're running VW Architect 10 on Mac OS 10.2. For a project I am going over, I am trying to model the topography of the site. Previously I had traced the contours in illustrator (using the pen tool), placing each interval on a separate layer. I exported this file as a dxf, and imported it into Architect, and each of those layers became a class. No problem (quite handy really). In Architect, I selected all and converted to 2d polylines. I then went to AEC>Survey Input>2D polys to 3d contours, set the start height (55m/55000mm) and the interval (5m/5000mm) and tried both 3D polys and 3D loci. I went through the process fine, and the software created the DTM layer. I then went to AEC>Site Model... and started that. It went ok for a bit, but on both occasions, it threw this error: Error: Creation of the DTM failed. Examine your data, eliminate duplicate or vertically stacked datapoints or crossed contours and try again. Which I did, and got the same message. What am I doing wrong? Please help. Mike
  15. Hello Everybody. I have a question regarding rendering packages. Now I realise this is an ongoing subject, but I am wondering what the best option is for rendering packages that have the same speed as Cinema 4D. I would love to use this package, but as we all know, exporting to it from VWA is a bit of a pain especially when it comes to preserving classes and layers. I have had a quick dabble with Strata 3D Pro and it seems quite good, especially as it preserves classes. Basically, I am asking for an informed opinion of whether to stick with renderworks 9.5 (but this can be quite slow) or to attempt to learn another package purely for rendering. Any ideas/suggestions? Mikie
  16. Hey all. Just a query. Was wondering if there was any way to save my personal workspace preferences on my networked directory. I am at college and the C:\ drive is not accessible, so everytime the box crashes or I logon the next day, all my settings are back to the defaults, and I have to spend time changing toolbars, etc. I know this sounds lazy, but after a while it gets a bit tedious. We are running VW Architect w/ Renderworks 9.5 on win2k. Thanks Mikie
  17. Hi Katie. Thanks for the response. I will have a chat, but I do not think that my problems with preferences and the like will be high on their list of priorities at the moment! Haha! Guess we will see what happens... Thanks again from UK, Mikie
  18. Thanks Runtime. I'd love to do that but I am unable to access the directory where this file is stored as it is in the C:\ directory and is not accessible due to permissions applied by the system admin. Even if I could access it to copy it, I still might not be able to write back to that directory. Is there anyway of embedding the prefs in the VW document so that it loads them with the file? Sorry, I don't want to take too much of your time as I know this really is quite trivial. Thanks, Mikie
  19. Hi P. Seems weird that this happens. But, I have rendered it in open GL and it is ok. It just looks stoopid in wireframe. Thanks for all your help though. Mikie
  20. Hi Robert. Thanks for the reply. I don't think I explained myself correctly. I am working on one particular layer and the objects in the classes Int Structure and Ext Structure are on the same layer. If you could possibly click on this link you will see what I mean. I hope this explains the situation a bit better. The red objects are of the class Ext Structure, and the blue of the class Int Structure. As you can see, the red column is completely obscured by the blue structures. It is all true in plan form, but not in this 3D space. Thanks - sorry, I don't know how to embed images into the board! Mikie
  21. Hi there. I have a slight problem in that I am a bit hazy when it comes to understanding this area. I have a steel framework which I have assigned to the class 'Ext Structure' and an internal floor structure which I have assigned to the class 'Int Structure', both with graphic attributes. At the monent, the model is on one layer (as it is a modular part of the design) and when I am in any 3D view and wireframed, the 'Int Structure' shows up in front of the 'Ext Structure' in the workspace so it obviously does not look right. I am using VW Architect 9.5.3. What am I doing wrong?
  22. Hi everyone. Please don't burn me as I am a little confused as to layers and layer linking and need some help. I did a search before I posted too, just in case there were some other posts asking the same sort of thing. I am using Mac OS 10.2.1 on a 400Mhz G4 processor with Architect Landmark. Question 1: I have set up my project using the Setup Assistant and in the manual it says this: quote: The Setup Assistant automatically creates layer links on Mod-Elevation-## (## refers to the current floor or sheet number) and Mod-3D View layers to Mod-Floor, Mod-Slab, and Mod-Roof layers...This means that the information drawn on the floor, roof, landscape, or site plans automatically displays on the elevation and perspective sheets. Well, it does not seem to work too well for me. For example, I have created a 3D object on the layer called Mod-Floor-B1. This shows up in the Mod-Elevation-1 (surely it should show up in the Mod-Elevation-B1 layer if, indeed, this layer had been created), but not in the Mod-3D View-1 layer. Perhaps there should have been a layer called Mod-3D View-B1, but this was not created. The only way to see this 3D object on this supposed linked layer is for me to turn on the layer in the 'Layers...' prefs, which kind of defeats the idea of layer linking as it then shows up in all the layers!! If someone could point me in the direction of an answer, that would be great! Question 2: If I need to hide some objects in any layer, do I have to asign them a class in order to achieve this? I have been using Form?Z and it is just a question of turning off this object. Was just wandering if there was a similar way in Architect. If anyone could help me, I would very much appreciate it! Thanks, Mikie
  23. Blimey, that was quick! Ok, cool, now I know, so thanks. Mikie
  24. Hi there. This might sound like a dumb question, but, what is batch rendering? Is that similar to network rendering? Mikie
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