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Printing problem Windows XP / HP 1220c


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I am running VectorWorks Architect 9.5.2 on Windows XP. I just upgraded my OS from Windows ME to XP. I was able to print to my HP 1220c running ME, However under XP I get a C++ runtime error in Vector when I try to print. The program crashes and I have to restart Vector. I can print to my HP G85 with no problems. Any Ideas?

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I'm having the same problem with my 1220c HP printer. I am using Windows XP as well, but I have my doubts that the problem is caused by the operating system. I am using the most current drivers offered by HP, and my mnachine is absolutely state of the art (AMD 2100 w/ 768 megs of ram, etc.) I desperately need to get this system to start printing. Does anybody have any suggestions? I've spent a whole lot of money and time on my equipment, and I cannot afford to have it just sitting here!

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Tlan, Jay,

Actually this is a know problem with the HP 1220c drivers under Windows XP and Windows 2000.

If you are using WinXP, you should uninstall the driver you have now, and use the built in driver that comes with Windows XP.

If you are on Windows 2000, you should download the v1.2 driver from the HP site. If you can not find it, contact Technical Support and we can provide it.

This will cause crashes in a number of other programs besides VectorWorks, and HP has been made aware of the problem.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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On WinXP, you should use the driver that is built in the OS, not hp's.

TO get a page size other than letter, you do the following. From the printers folder, right click on the printer.Click on Properties.Click on the General TabClick on Printing PreferencesClick on Paper/Quality TabClick on AdvancedThen change the paper size from letter to tabloid or whatever other sizesheet of paper.When you click on OK, it won't note the tabloid (or other) sheet of paper isrecognized, but it will work. Have faith.When you go into VW, go to Page Setup .. select the page size you want ...

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