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Convert to Object Node comes up blank.


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I created a Marionette script that creates a 2d downlight symbol with a rotatable arrow and moveable text - works fine. Placed it in a wrapper - still works. But as soon as I attempt to convert to an object node, I get nothing, just a blank screen. I'm a total newbie that started learning Vectorworks and Marionette a couple of days ago. Any help would be appreciated.


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Hello joesnikon,

the mistake:
the marionette object itself (Parent Pio) has different coordinates than everything that is drawn in the marionette object, this always relates to the object zero point.

I corrected this, but don't know whether it works as expected. 

Maybe there are some other things that need to be changed.




greatings M. Graf



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Thanks for the response M.Graf, but I'm not completely following. I dissected what you sent me but I can't find where a change has been made. Also, the file I previously included didn't have one of my wrappers attached - I've re-attached the file. As you'll see the script on the left works fine - it allows me to convert it to an object node. The script on the right is the one that comes up blank. The only difference is the inclusion of one wrapper ("Add_Move_Attribute").


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