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Fillet/smoothing multiple polys


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Hello Marionette geniuses,


I'm trying to create a wrapper to fillet multiple 2D polys at once by a customisable radius input for a larger network in 2021. I got it to work on a single poly, but it just won't convert all vertexs on multiple objects. It only converts one of the polys as intended, the rest only got either the first or the last vertex converted.


I think I may misunderstand how 'list' works in the context for my lack of scripting knowledge...Lists don't return data respectively? how do I tell data goes back to the corresponding objects...?

Any tips would be much appreciated! See an example file attached.


Thanks in advance!

Fillet multiple polys v2021.vwx

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You were almost there. You got the list of vertices correct, but the hPoly input of the Change Vertex Type node needs to have the correct polys compared to the list of vertices. What I did was I "repeated" each of the poly handles so that the polys and vertices matched. I didn't duplicate them, I just repeated their handles in a list so the node would know to go back to that poly each time. This is one of those times when it is important that you have the same list lengths going into the inputs because if they are not the same length, the last item in the shorter list will simply be repeated over and over until the longer list is complete.

Fillet multiple polys v2021 SB.vwx


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great stuff.


is there any easier way to activate / deactivate this fillets?


I got some rectangle here and it CAN have 4 fillets but sometimes i dont want to have this fillets. So i if then else the iIndex (true -> correct vertex count  false -1) but it took me a lot of node to realize it. Is there a better way to deactivate the hole filleting of my rectangle with lesser nodes?



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