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Create solid volume out of two 3D polys


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I want to create a solid volume out of a few 3D-polylines to calculate the volume from this. 


The purpose is that we are drawing a pond and need to know how much water it can hold. We have already made a terrain and can get some numbers from the cut-and-fill calculations but it would be helpful to be able to draw the actual bowl too. 

What would be our best option/tool to do this? 


I can try to post the model or pictures if that helps further!! 

Happy for some help! 


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Thinking about this differently will allow VW to calculate the required volume:

Draw/select the contour of the water surface as a 2d Poly


Convert to Site Modifer>Pad apply to the the Proposed Site Model and set its elevation to the water surface elevation

Run the Cut/Fill Update calculations in the OIP.

The water volume will be given as the fill volume.


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