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How to select PIO in wall using SDK routines?

Stefan Bender

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Dear developers,


our window and door tools create PIOs that are inserted into a wall. The user clicks on a position in the drawing and the PIO is created there, if the position is over a wall, the PIO is inserted into that wall (i.e., the wall gets a symbol break and the PIO is the break's "symbol"). So far, so good. But unfortunately it does not seem to be possible to select the inserted PIO visibly. I called SelectObject of course, but no selection handles to be seen (the wall itself is NOT selected). I checked at the very end of my tool's HandleComplete() function that IsSelected() returns true for the PIO, but no selection handles are visible and the OIP remains blank. Is there a special trick to select PIOs in wall breaks? Or is it a bug in ISDK::SelectObject?


Thanks for any help,

Stefan Bender

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