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Vision and PC connectivity.

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Hi All,


Running Vision on one PC and ETC Nomad Previs on another. I can’t seem to get the Vision file to respond to the ETC Eos show program on the same machine. The only way I can get Vision to respond is by having both machines on the same WIFI connection. With that I have some issues with cue sequences running very sluggish. I tried running a ethernet cable to a hub into which both machines were connected (hopefully to correct sluggish issue). That didn’t seem to help with the sluggish performance. Any thoughts? Does running Vision and control on the same machine solve that? If so, how does one connect control software to Vision on the same machine?

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We have found that because of the way ETC Nomad works, it must be connected to a network to obtain an IP address. If it does not have an valid IP address it does not transmit network packets even if you are using the same machine. (No, the loop back address doesn't count.) You have the right ideal with the hub, but nut needs to be a router rather than a hub or a switch but it doesn't have to be connected to the internet.


You can run Vision and Nomad on the same machine as long as the machine obtains an IP address from the router.

The DMX packets are broadcast across the network and Vision will see them, no special configuration is required.


Are both machines Windows machines?

We have users running Vision on the Mac report issues when connecting with sACN, possibly because of multi-casting or router issues, so try using ArtNet.




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Thanks for the clarification! Makes sense. So instead of the hub I should run both machines independent lines to the actual router? That I can do as I have available ports on the router. I would just had to buy an additional 50 foot ethernet cable to do that, but it’s totally possible. Also, both machines are windows. 

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If you connect the 2 machines to the hub and then the hub to the router you should be good.

You would try switching the EOS and Vision to ArtNet if you still have problems.

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