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Hello all,


My firm just got a project where we are going to create several renderings for a local historic society. The group wants to raise support with these renderings to help restore the building and use it as a community museum.


My firm purchased Vectorworks a while back but has not had the need to use the 3D side of it yet. Attached is a picture of the front facade of the building. It has a flemish bond with decorative brick pattern to the top of the parapet wall. What might be best to model in 3D the decorative brick pattern at the top? To model it accurately, it seems like brick by brick at certain point on the facade might be best option. This will definitely be a learning experience.

Flemish Bond Facade.pdf

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I think you're on the right track. You could break down the facade using the built-in wall tools with some manual modeling of the details. Creating the basic geometry and applying a brick pattern texture would get you a pretty convincing rendering without needing to model every detail.



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