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  1. Hello all, Just as the title says, I have been working on a file that has a heliodon in it. When I turn on the layer that the heliodon is on, the file crashes. Has anybody had any issues with this in VW Architect 2020? I inserted one in a blank file and didn't have any issues. It's probably an issue with the specific file I have been working on but I hadn't had any issues with it until yesterday. Thank you for your help,
  2. Thank you for explaining the difference there. I didn't realize that the two ran off separate components but that makes sense. Mac with a 4.2 GHz Intel Core i7 Graphics card is a Radeon Pro 580 8 GB
  3. Hello, I had a quick question about an animation I created. I'm quite new to Vectorworks and ran into an issue when creating an animation. The Vectorworks window will flash white briefly throughout the animation. At some parts not at all and at some parts it will flash white quite frequently. I attached the movie file down below. I am rendering it on OpenGL High just to test the animation. When I created an animation using the Realistic Interior Final rendering style, the screen didn't flash at all for the quick walk-through I did. Has anyone experienced this problem for? Jacob Searcy County First Floor.mov


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