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Plan view, is there a better way?

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I'm a custom millwork fabricator, and have to prepare shop drawings for all manner of custom cabinetry and other millwork. One thing I run across all the time is how to present plan views that look good. My cabinets are all either extrudes, or InteriorCAD cabinets, which look terrible in a top/plan view. But the walls and doors look good. Flipping to a dashed hidden line rendering, the cabinets look good, the but not the walls and doors.


What's the trick to get both looking good? Right now, I create 2 viewports, one with a crop to show just the walls, and one with a crop to just show the cabinets. But it's a pain, especially around door and window casings. 


Is there a better way?


Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 18.06.47.png

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 18.11.05.png

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Guest Wes Gardner

@Ride This is about as good as I can get them to look - base cabinets with solid lines, top cabinets with dashed lines and countertop dashed for reference.  Data Tag provides the tagging. Sorry, the image export washes out some of the line weight. These are just our conceptual cabinets...I'm not up to speed with interiorCAD.





Kitchen 2020.jpg

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Thanks for the reply. It's getting there, what settings are you using for your viewports, ie: what rendering? I assume this is not top/plan. As for InteriorCAD, I'm mostly abandoning that for now. I just upgraded to 2020, and haven't yet purchased InteriorCAD. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work so I'm moving forward with simple extrudes to represent the cabinets.

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Guest Wes Gardner

@Ride, the plan view is just the ordinary Top/Plan view.  The viewports are just the standard hidden line produced from "Create Section Viewport" 


I must admit, there ARE limitations with what I call our conceptual cabinet tool(s) ... some configurations just aren't possible.


Here's the file if you'd like to have a look at the setup.





Kitchen 2020.vwx

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