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Export to grandMA2 only taking Z rotation

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I have been having this issue lately in 2020 where whenever I export my lighting fixtures to grandMA2 Setup (XML) none of the fixtures will export their X or Y rotation but will take their Z rotation. I have tried a couple of things since this has been happening:


- reinstalled the plug-in

- reinstalled 2020

- exported to 2019 and tried it there (this worked)

- changed the symbols that the lighting devices were referencing

- started a new file in 2020 with default VWX lighting symbols, converted to lighting devices, rotated them, still no dice

- e-mail support at ACT and they said that they were able to get it to work by reasserting the rotation for fixtures that already had it


Out of ideas and any help and or ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Nick


The problem is that MA & ACT developed and control this plug in, we have nothing directly to do with it and it has not been updated to be fully compatible with the changes made in 2020.  From my understanding moving forwards MA prefer to take advantage of the new GDTF and MVR file formats for this. This is not much help for you though, as only the MA3 software is fully compatible and to the best of my knowledge they have no plans to add this into the MA2 software as it is no longer under active development.


Currently I would recommend exporting your file into 2019 and then using the plug in (not ideal I know).


Sorry I can't be of more help





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