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Copying preferences between 2 VW

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Hello.. maybe someone can help me. Sometimes I have to work in another office where I installed the 11.5 VW too. I carry the dongle from a place to the other.

Anyway, I am not able to carry the VW preferences. I tried to copy the 'Plugins' and 'Standards' - Standards is 'Templates' here. My shortcuts are not imported. Is there some file I did forget ? (PC, VWA 11.5.x, Localized belgian french version)

Thank you for your suggestions


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Keyboard shortcuts are part of your 'workspace', stored in a file with a .VWW extension in the Workspaces subfolder of the VectorWorks folder.

I don't know of any built-in way to transfer VW Preferences from one machine to another. But if you had a macro utility installed on both machines, you could set all the preferences the way you want them just one time, and have the macro utility record your keystrokes and mouse clicks as you do it. Then you could playback the macro (with just one keystroke) to set all the preferences that way again. The macro utility will have a file that stores all your macros, and you can copy that file from one machine to another. In Macro Express, macros are stored in a file with a .MEX extension.

You could also record another macro that sets all the tool modes the way you like them, to use each time you start up VectorWorks on either machine. That alone would soon save enough time to justify the half hour or so that it takes to learn to use a macro utility.

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