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Worksheet Questions: Exporting Problem + Manually Ordering or Deleting Sub-Rows


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Hi everyone - Using Vectorworks Landmark 2020. I selected and customized a preformatted report called "Landscape Area-Mass Planting w/Images" to create a simple legend. All content is derived from my Landscape Areas (Functions / Image + Records / Name). Here are my questions:


1. DELETE A SUB-ROW: Is it possible to delete or hide a sub-row? When I tried removing one or a few rows, it would remove ALL rows from the worksheet. I can imagine times where this option would be helpful, and simpler than having to go back to the drawing to change Object Info for a particular Landscape Area.


2. MANUALLY MOVE SUB-ROWS: Hoped I could manually drag and drop sub-rows into location within the worksheet, but this doesn't work. In my "Legend" worksheet, using one of the default sort options is not helpful, since I want to sort the rows by hue (or by location on the drawing) to make it easier to cross-reference between legend and landscape areas on the plan. If it's not possible to drag/drop a sub-row, how do I change the sub-row number in order to change its placement in the sequence?


3. EXPORT WORKSHEET: Does not work for me. No matter which file format I select, and regardless if selecting all rows or selected rows, when I click OK my computer makes a ding sound and nothing happens. I don't see any visual message to accompany the ding sound and no popup window appears to enable a file location.





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Database criteria define what shows up in the database subrows. There is no way to manually delete or move specific rows.


Since this report is based on the new in VW2020 DatabaseByScript command, you can edit the script (or create a new one) that will return the items in the order you want and ignores the ones you don't want. But you will have to be able to edit the Python script stored in your Application folder.  VW2020:Libraries:Defaults:Reports_Schedules:Landmark Schedules:SaveLandscapeAreaBeforePlants.py. I can try and help, but Python is not my specialty.


There are not a lot of extra fields in the Landscape Area object, but you might be able to use the Unit Price or Price Code fields to enter a value to sort by. If you are already using those fields, you could create and attach a custom record and enter values there to get the sort order you want.


For the Export, do you get the Export Worksheet dialog box opening to pick the type of file to export? VW2020 om my Mac here exported a test file to tab delimited fine and it opened in Excel fine, but without the images.


If you add a signature containing your hardware, OS and software version it can help us with troubleshooting without having to ask a lot of questions on your setup.

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Thanks, Pat - Good to know the limits with Worksheet functionality. Per your suggestion, I assigned a Unit Price to each landscape area, and then added a UP column to the report to sort by. It worked, but I can't figure out how to hide the Unit Price column from the worksheet on the drawing (as can be done in an Excel worksheet). Is that possible here? If not, I'll likely just insert the sort number as a prefix to each Landscape Area Name and then delete the UP column. Here is my updated worksheet:



As for the export worksheet problem, yes, the initial dialog box opens for me, but regardless of which combination of selections I make, when I select OK, nothing happens other than a ding sound.


Also, I just added my software/OS/hardware info to my signature, which is:

  • Vectorworks Application Version: 2020 SP2.1 (Build 523565) (64-Bit)
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro, Version 1903, 64-bit
  • Hardware: ASUS Notebook with Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.6GHz, 16 GB Installed RAM

Thanks again for your time and help,



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