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Can't drag pallets to second screen



Hello everyone,


hope you all had a good christmas (or whatever you're celebrating). I've got the following problem and was hoping somebody could help me fix it. I already went through several posts regarding similar issues, but none could help me. 

I'm using the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581GV_UX581GV (Win10 Pro 10.0.18362 Build 18362, i7 9750h, rtx 2060, 16GB RAM, two 4k monitors 3840*2160 + 3840*1100). While I haven't got any problems dragging pallets and windows used in illustrator, indesign etc on to the second screen, vectorworks just doesn't want to support it. I can drag the entire application down to the second screen and then use my mainscreen for the pallets and extra windows. But while Vectorworks is open on the bigger main screen, I can't use the second screen, pallets just disappear as soon as they hit the other screen. Funny thing is, I can drag pallets to the bottom edge of the mainscreen and have parts of them show on the bottom screen. Attached you'll find some pictures, please excuse that they aren't screenshots, but I don't know how to take a screenshot of both screens in one. I illustrated them a bit for you to see what I meant to show you.


If you've got any questions or need more information, please let me know.

Thank you very much for your efforts






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@Art V thanks for responding! I tried setting the smaller screen as primary monitor, but windows somehow doesn't let me, as soon as I hit the box to set up the second screen, it automatically switches back to secondary monitor. It works though that the drawing space is on the secondary monitor and all the pallets on the primary, don't know why..

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Sounds like some bug in Vectorworks.


Did you set Vectorworks to always use the dedicated graphics card in the nVidia control panel 3D section? If it is set to auto it may cause some unexpected behaviour if it uses the onboard GPU one time and the dedicated GPU the next time. These days one never knows how Microsoft may mess up things in Windows 10 that may affect one program but not another.


You may also want to check if the nVidia driver is the most recent one. Are you using the gaming driver or the studio driver? You could try the other one instead of the one installed to see if that makes a difference. The studio driver is supposed to be a bit more stable and reliable.

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