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add a rotation parameter to an existing Objects with marionette?

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Good morning,



after a while practicing VW i now think there might be some way for me to "resurrect" dead geometry with the marionette tool.


I got a spot geometry and i want to make it rotate/inclinate the spot and maybe dim its lightsource with a marionette code, if this is possible too.


MAybe u can verify or falsify my thoughts here.


Is the "create custom object node" the right thing i need here? IF so, i need a little help to use the marionette script to do it.


How the placement of the predesigned geometry will work.


But so far i dont know how to use the marionette to place a predesigned spot geometry and how does it work for me to put it into a vwx file.


how IS it possible, to rotate the spot (inclination) around a predefined axis? I think i need a simple line in the axis where i want to incline it with a name to define the rotation axis for a rotation node.


Then i will make a inputnode for the angle of the inclination and a float input for the percentage of the lightsource (dimming).


WIll this work somehow? IF i succeed with this, i can really make parametric objects out of dead geometry.


How to wrap it so, that i can use the parameters of the marionette to manipulate the spot?




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