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VW 11.5 crashes at page setup

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G4/800 quicksilver

Have recently performed an upgrade from OS9.2.2 to OS 10.4.2. The funny thing is that when a drawing created in VW11.5 in 9.2.2 is opened in VW11.5.1 in 10.4, VW crashes when page setup is opened.

A drawing created in VW11.5 with OS 10.3.9 has no problems.

We've found we can get around this by exporting as a vectorscript and then reimporting the file into a new document or by creating a new document and copying and pasting the layers across. This is a bit annoying though...

Is there another way???

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Many thanks to Richard of Solutions inc. for helping us out on this one

if anyone else has the problem here's a work around that doesn't involve having to rebuild the drawing file.

The work around involves clearing the OS 9 print settings from the file. There is a small vectorscript that does this called "Clear Print Settings OS9.vss". I think it is available from the Nemetschek Knowledge base.

open the drawing file.

go to File - import - select Clear Print Settings OS9.vss

click OK.

Everything then works fine.

Remember to save the drawing file before closing it .down

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