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OpenGL died

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Anyone seen OpenGL do something like this before? (Should be seeing a finished house exterior with walls, windows, etc. all around.)



My system specs:

NVIDIA® Quadro® P4000 (8 GB GDDR5, 4 x Displayport 1.4)

Intel® Xeon® W-2133 Processor (3.6 GHz, up to 3.9 GHz w/Turbo Boost, 8.25 MB cache, 6 core)

32 GB (2x16 GB) DDR4-2666 ECC Memory

Windows 10 - current

VW2019 SP 5.3


I've already reboot, reloaded, etc.

Rotating the thing sometimes leaves the viewing field completely blank depending on where you stop. 

Front & left views are blank. Back & right views are like the above. Top & bottom look correct.

Wireframe looks like everything is in place.


This model has slowed down quite a bit as I have been adding detailing. But this is only about a 5000sf house. 

Is my hardware adequate? (Spec'd to VW website "high-end" recommendations.)


Anyone else seen symptoms like this?

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Hello Mik,


There a few possible issues here. First, check to make sure that your graphics drivers are up to date and ensure that Vectorworks is using the graphics card as opposed to integrated graphics (may not be an option on your Xeon processor). 


Typically, this sort of behavior indicates that there is an object very far away from the origin in the drawing. A good way to check for this is the following:


1. Deselect all objects and Turn on all classes and layers

2. Set class and layer options to show snap modify others

3. Go to View>Zoom>Fit to Objects

4. If you get zoomed out very very far, you have objects a great distance from the user origin. If this happens, proceed to the next step

5. Draw a marquee selection around the objects you want to keep in your project, in your case, the whole house and any neighboring objects
6. Go to Edit>Invert Selection

7. See if any distant objects become selected, check if they are important, and delete them 


Hopefully this can resolve your issue, feel free to report back with any questions

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Thanks for the quick reply and pointers.

I tried your steps above and turned up nothing out of bounds.

I edited my post just as you had replied: 

So the display problem appears to be consistent:

OpenGL is blank in the quadrant from Front to Left views, funky on Back and Right views, looks accurate in top and bottom views.

If I rotate, it turns blank when I get around the front and left sides.

Wireframe disappears in that Front to Left quadrant as well but when it is visible in other views, it looks accurate as opposed to missing stuff like OpenGL.

If I close VW and load up, the last view it was in (right isometric) comes up in wireframe and switching to OpenGL is good. 

But its flaky. As I see proper OpenGL in all selected views, I cannot use the CTL-mouse function to drag the view around. The cursor does not change to the arrows when buttons are pressed, nothing moves.

And when I turn on another layer, the OpenGL goes bonkers again.

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An update: hidden line will render correctly where OpenGL will not. It takes 5 minutes but it gets there. 

Though I have never needed to wait 5 minutes for a hidden line rendering before.

I have been working on this file successfully for some time.

One coincidence: Microsoft updated my system last night. These problems started after the update.

But other files seem to function fine.

I have mountains of work in this particular file and right before I was finishing things up for presentation, !@#$

I am stuck if I cannot even get a front elevation.

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Hello Mik:


Since this started with a Windows update, you should maybe go to the NVIDIA site and make sure your video drivers are the latest ones from NVIDIA.  Oftentimes strange video problems that are machine-specific happen because the video drivers are the default old ones with an OS release and not the latest ones from the video card manufacturer.

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I should have checked that. The driver did need updating but the problem persists after updating to the current NVIDIA driver.

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EDIT: I just re-read the topic and realized my recommendations fell in line with @BSeigel.


If I send you an upload link, can you send me a copy of the file?

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Okay, so I realize that in going back and forth from BSeigel's instructions and the screen, I skipped over turning on all layers as well as classes. In trying different layers,  I found something but have not been able to select it. As soon as I zoom out enough and try to select, VW locks up.

And here's the thing: the small line or whatever at 400'-600' away from my model is showing up at 0 center on the XY measurements at the edges. It is the model that is way out from 0 but the sheet lines indicate the model is in the proper area.

I managed to get a screen shot before crash:



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I found that if I did not zoom and move "manually" over to the 0,0 XY location, I could select the object and delete.

This was from an .obj that had 40 meshes.

With it removed, I seem to be able to move around without anything crashing now but the original problem persists: the model disappears altogether when trying to view from the quadrant of left to front and OpenGL looks wonky in any view (but still blank in left-to-front quadrant).


Should my model be at 0,0 ? Why are sheet lines lined up with my model but several hundred feet away from 0,0?

I am going to try copying everything out of this file into a new file with the origin in center.

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I created a new file, copy/pasted only the relevant things from the old file to new, and fixed a bunch of things that broke from the copy. (Alignment seems to break for some things like columns, some plumbing fixtures, 2d objects, etc.)


Everything was running smoothly until I started messing with the door that is highlighted in the first screen shot.

The problem wasn't coming from Microsoft's coincidental update or drivers, etc., it was that door.


I had been experimenting with a lintel and noticed when I made changes to the thickness or protrusion that it would remove the door from the wall. It was still in the same location but it was no longer identified as "Door In Wall" in the OIP.

I would try to pull it out and replace in the wall unsuccessfully. Undoing the changes would get back to "Door In Wall" but would sometimes leave the changes I made to the lintel intact anyway. I originally ignored the annoying pop out since it seemed to get the changes in place despite using Undo.


Once this happens, however, I notice that the door will not highlight under the mouse at all from any view. But if you click on it, you can select it.

Anyway, after running into this door popping out problem, the strange disappearing act of views from left to front quadrant return and OpenGL looked wonky again.


I have now gone to a backup from before the door changes. Things are fine and have now made several modifications to the door and it has not flipped out yet.

Crossing my fingers because I need to finish this to meet with client.

But hope VW people are going to look into this.


While working with my door, I am stymied by another VW limitation: muntin options available for door transoms are less than regular windows. In fact, muntins in general for VW are limited to a sort of elementary "popular" set of options. Often standard product orders just can't be created w/VW. I have to go manually draw lines all over elevation sheets which takes time while perspective views are just about off the table.


We need the ability to set muntins wherever we like - which leads me back to a previous complaint I posted about the disappearing element of an intuitive WYSIWYG interface to VW. Why not just show the window/door diagram in the settings box and give us the option to visually lay out the muntins? We can move around till we like and/or place by measurement entries. (This includes curves as well as straight lines.)


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