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Script Editor auto completion

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It is really a P.I.T.A. and a shame that the script editor does not do auto-completion like most other editors out there.  I think I and many others would be able to delve into this level of customization if this were a part of the program.  Instead we have to have the Function Reference open and search for every single thing we want to do in the vs library.  When I type for instance 'vs.RectangleN(' I should get a pop-up or at least a reference in the window below of all the parameters of the method.   


Without this I don't think I will ever be able to use this tool.

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The built-in script editor is fairly lightweight. See this section on using vs.py with an IDE: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/Python#IDE_and_Debugging_Python_Scripts


You can find the most update version of this file if you download the SDK and look in SDKLib/Include. (You don't otherwise need to use the SDK for python). Not only will this give you code completion in an external editor, but you can take advantage of syntax coloring, debugging, find and replace, etc.

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Thanks - I saw that but it seems a clumsy and cumbersome solution for most of us.  I may try it out as there is no other solution.

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