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Site model texture pixelated

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Hi community,


Is there a way to control texture mapping on site model. I cant find the way to control texture mapping and get rid off pixelated look...

Any idea how to correct it?


Question 2: Same seem to be issue with 'texture bed' modifier texture applied...?




Snímka obrazovky 2019-09-23 o 10.43.26.png

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Hi @drelARCH,


This tends to happen when you create a site model far away from the Internal Origin (not to be confused with the User Origin which dictates the x and y coordinates). Go to Tools>Origin>Locate Internal Origin to see if you are far. To fix the blurred/pixelated textures, you would need to work closer to the Internal Origin. To adjust a textures scale, mapping, or rotation on a surface you can use Attribute Mapping found in the Basic Tool palette. 


To understand origins a little better fast forward to 15:37 in this webinar recently posted Enhance Site File Collaboration with Georeferencing.


Hope this helps!


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Thanks @Tony Kostreskifor help. 
I have moved user origin to match internal origin and double checked, updated site model, reasign texture and even restart program but no success...

Any idea?


i have seen that video just last weekend and it is really great. I will definetly watch it again to get better understanding of working with right origin and becaise I would like to implement georeferencing to my workflow. 

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Make sure the site model is created after the internal origin and user origin is set. If the site model was created beforehand it will retain the source data as being far away from the internal origin and thus have texture and geometry that is pixelated.

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Aha, I see...so now what would be least painful way to rebuilt site model. I am afraid that after lot of effort to build up one of my first site model with few site modifiers it all will fall apart 🙂

Should I use function 'Recreate from source data'...


 I still wonder if I use correct procedure to build site model. I  use stake tool  (elevations in mm unit) as for all object in my files...

What bother me is x/y numbers in OIP for site model...? Seem to me very high....


Any help much welcome and appreciated!


Snímka obrazovky 2019-09-24 o 11.39.47.png

Snímka obrazovky 2019-09-24 o 11.39.58.png

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Yes, I would select "Recreate from source data", copy the source data, exit site model, and paste the source data in the right location (near the internal origin) outside of the site model. Then you can go ahead and "Create Site model" with the pasted source data and delete the old site model. (I hope this makes sense).


How you created the site model from stake objects sounds correct. You can also create site models from 3D loci and 3d polygons. The x/y coordinates being high is typical when working with survey information and unless you don't have to send back out to say a civil engineer, I would keep the actual user origin. If you do not have to send the drawing back out for coordination purposes you can center the User Origin on the Internal Origin understanding the drawing will no longer be coordinated properly. One workflow would be to place a 2D locus point at the proper User Origin and only move the User Origin back to this 2D locus point when exporting DWG files. 

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Thanks a lot Tony,


I followed your steps and everything working as should.

I am happy to learn new things and get more control over vw. 



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