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Spotlight numbering issues

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Hello everyone,

I'm quite new with spotlight, and I'm struggling a little bit with the numbering tool. I manage to use it for giving Id (or channels ..depending) and Universe/adress in my project (pic 1) 1925301922_spotlightnumbering1.thumb.png.c3781ef0431d0cca66c7ce59c08b18ae.png

but for some reasons now the field choice has changed and reduced and I can't access to all of the fields (pic 2) which is quiet annoying as I have to patch a hundreds of light now. Is there any particular reasons,  am I missing something ?



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That's very strange. Which version are you using? 2020?

Are you working with the same file in both those screenshots?

Did you modify the lighting device parameters between when you took those screenshots?


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I'm running 2019 SP5.2, and it's the same file but it happened to me earlier with an another files which was qiet ligher than this one. I modified some stuffs in the lighting device parameters, like the unit Id and fixture Id but tried to reset it to default after while without any chances.

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I haven't seen this problem before.

It looks like you are using a partially localized French version?

The dialog is in English but the parameters are in French in the first dialog.

The second dialog everything shown is in English.

I would contact your local tech support and see if they have seen this issue before.

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