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line type workflow

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Why do line types just control the line and not the fill?  I'm trying to integrate line type more into my workflow, but it seems cumbersome, having to switch them either by resource browser, or attributes panel.  In either case, I have to go back and adjust the fill properties via the attributes panel (which is set to "by class").  It seems like I'm caught between classes controlling line/fill, and having to do a lot of clicking just to have something control the line type.

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@grant_PD Can you possibly give a little bit more detail to the exact results you are trying to get and where this causing an issue for you?


In my experience, if I want certain objects to automatically appear with specific fills and line types, class attributes would be my go to workflow, but it sounds like you are already incorporating this in your workflow.


Two other items I will typically work with:

1) Applying default attributes in the Attributes Palette before drawing my new objects. I normally try to group drawing similar objects around the same time if possible.


2) With line types specifically, I find myself adjusting them after placement by dragging and dropping from the resource manager on a more regular basis compared to adjusting them through the attributes palette... but I do definitely use a mix.


To answer your first question: Why do line types just control the line and not the fill? - I would say that dividing them apart provides more control. You can basically combine them using class attributes (and maybe data visualization in 2020? I would need to mess with that workflow...).

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I have classes set up specifically to control line/fill.  Of late I've wanted to get away from that as I class more things in a specific manner.  I thought that line type would be helpful, I could class things for their function in the model and use a line type to control their appearance.  One thing I hate is manually changing things using the attributes palette.  I try to keep that set to "use class defaults" all the time.  


For me the class system is really about object management in 3d space.  Line type and fill color is really about 2d presentation.  Therefore it seems odd to me that fills wouldn't be included in some manner like line types are.  


I think in my ideal world, I would have a set of "pens" that I could use to assign 2d attributes to any 2d portion of an object, regardless of class.  

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