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Disabling hyper-threading???

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Has anyone investigated if it is possible to disable hyper-threading?

I have this higher end Xeon processor with 4 cores each split into 2 threads. This results in only 12.5% of the overall CPU processing power being available to do everyday basic hidden line rendering. I was thinking that if hyper-threading could be disabled then maybe a whole core would become available to do work. Getting 25% of our computer expenditure working for us!

And then I wouldn't have time to write these posts and speculate on how to get VW2019 operating faster. Smile.

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You don't need to disable cores or hyperthreading.

12,5 % in Taskmanager,

out of 4 cores x2 HT = 8 virtual cores,

means that one single core is already running at 100%.


And as the other 7 virtual cores are bored and resting,

you will most likely reach the highest boost clock for your single thread.

(Which basically jumps between physical cores to spread heat of the whole

available die area)


For CAD, often not able to be devided over multiple threads, it is allways best

to choose a CPU with best single core speed.

(Basically for any App, beside 3D or Video Rendering)

But you can make use of your cores and threads when RW Rendering anyway.

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Yes, but is that a virtual core at 100% and the physical core only running at 50% capacity?


I which case is it possible to acquire the whole processing power of a physical core (25% of the CPU) by disabling virtual core pairing to each processor?

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Yes, should be possible.

I know I could disable Hyperthreading completely as a boot option

for better security - on Linux.

Maybe Windows or Mac offer similar.

There might even be ways to disable certain physical cores.

(AFAIK you can do that for each App individually in Windows (?))


But AFAIK that won't accelerate anything in VW.

It will just show a higher number in Taskmanager,

which is of course better.

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