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Push/pull: Sub face mode


In order to activate(highlight) the face which is to be sub-divided, I have to open the push/pull:subface mode, then select the line and hit delete ( I found this out by chance) before the face becomes active.. I don't think the delete key should be involved in any of the 'Getting Started' guides or webinars I have seen so I have changed a setting somewhere... Any ideas how to revert to normal mode?


On the back of this, is there not a way to draw the line as a ridge and just drag it up to give a block model. The only way I have found is by using the Taper face tool.... Seems very basic not to be a tool for this if I am missing it.





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@LeeElston Your second question. You want to draw a line across the top of a cube grab it and pull it up into a gable, a.la SketchUP? I don't think there is a direct way to do that same grab and yank action but you might try multiple extrude. Its under Modify (or model? Wherever the other extrude commands are. I don't have VW open with me at the moment) Draw a rectangle on top of your cube. Draw a line or other shape on top. Then select them both and Multiple extrude and it will ask "how high?" give it a number and you'll get your roof. Adds an extra step but also precision. You can also have multiple shapes and make things like hips and mansards and such very easily. Of course you can always draw the elevation and extrude horizontally as well. 

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