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Daniel B. Chapman

Assign Video Source to Arbitrary Projector?

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I can't for the life of me figure out how to assign a video source to a simple projector. I don't have a screen object (nor do I want one in this model) I'd like to just take a "generic" 20K with a 1.3-1.9 zoom and pipe some video into it.


When I export this I don't see an option to select a source and Spotlight -> Select Vision Video Source doesn't work for this.


(I've spent the last hour searching the manual) Am I missing something here? How do I get video to come out of a projector?


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Projectors in Vision and Vectorworks are not designed to project an image. Images and video can only be configured to apply to a surface. Both Vision an Vectorworks need the texture mapping on the screen surface in order to orient the image properly.

The video screen objects allow you to properly orient the screen image.


Select Vision Video Source is designed to create a screen surface from a 3D polygon, it can not be used with a lighting device.


We plan to better support projectors in both Vectorworks and Vision in future versions.

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Ouch... this should be a priority request. I can't simulate any projection maps with simple geometry for live theater/opera. Part of the previsualization workflow is to examine the shadows cast in various venues to explain the problems to the rest of the design team so the smart fiscal decisions can be made.


Is there an ETA on this? I'm effectively sidelined on Vision for what is looking like another year. 


And not to harp on this, this has been an issue since 2016


Video and Lighting can not easily be separated in client renderings and not all video applies to a surface. I'm often splitting geometry, using the projector as a light, mapping it to moving scenery, all sort of use-cases. I can't stress how important this is as a feature. Video walls are cool and all, but they are easy to fake a render on, even in Blender.


I was really hoping to use Vision for this season.

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