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Editing Plant Data in Worksheet

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My worksheet shows a plant that was not selected and placed on the drawing. I show 3 Live Oaks which I didn't place. Therefore, I can't seem to delete the item from the worksheet which seems locked for database editing directly AND I can't select the item in the drawing to delete it from the Object Info palette. What do I do to get it off my worksheet?

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Hi, justine. Here's what I'd try:

1. Go to the layer which has all your plants, zoom out so you can see everything, and do a Select All. Look for a plant or plants that is apparently unselected. What you may have is perfectly superimposed duplicate plants. These will show up as not being selected, because the selection "handle" hightlighting will cancel out. If you find some, deselect everything, click on the duplicates, and delete.

2. If this does not work, it may be possible, (although less likely) that something else has a plant record attached to it. Try using the Custom Selection 2 commmand to determine if you have something that has the record 'Plant Record' attached to it that is NOT a plug-in object. This will then be the culprit to be be deleted (or to have its Plant Record removed).

HTH -- Robert

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Well, here's what I'd do: run this script.

PROCEDURE DelDups; { ? Petri Sakkinen 2000 - 2004 }


x, y : REAL;

lName, sName : STRING;

sN : ARRAY [1..1000] OF STRING;

xS, yS : ARRAY [1..1000] OF REAL;

sym : ARRAY [1..1000] OF HANDLE;

i, j, n : INTEGER;


PROCEDURE MakeArrays (h : HANDLE);


GETSYMLOC(h, x, y);

sym := h;

xS := x;

yS := y;


i := i+1;




FOR n := 1 TO i DO BEGIN

x := xS[n];

y := yS[n];

sName := sN[n];

FOR j := n+1 TO i DO

IF((xS[j] = x) AND (yS[j] = y) AND (sN[j] = sName))





ok := YNDIALOG('Delete duplicate symbols on the active layer?');


i := 1;


FOREACHOBJECT(MakeArrays, (T=Symbol) & (L=lName));





And you guessed it: it was written exactly to get rid of multiple plant symbols on top of each other.

Other possibilities include:

- a symbol accidentally placed in or moved to a location outside what you consider 'the drawing'

- a symbol in a wrong, invisible class

- your legend may have the symbol (this would not account for three, but as a general rule)

In the database query, it is a good idea to limit the listing to the appropriate layers and classes.

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