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  1. justine

    Plant Record

    I figured it out. Found it in the resource browser in the document and deleted it. Now it works. Thanks
  2. justine

    Plant Record

    Sorry Robert. What is the procedure for deleting that record format if I can't find it in the Object Info patlette?
  3. My worksheet shows a plant that was not selected and placed on the drawing. I show 3 Live Oaks which I didn't place. Therefore, I can't seem to delete the item from the worksheet which seems locked for database editing directly AND I can't select the item in the drawing to delete it from the Object Info palette. What do I do to get it off my worksheet?
  4. justine

    Plant Record

    I tried to open "edit plant' under AEC but continue to get this message "Error: Name Conflict--You must rename or delete existing object named 'Plant Record'. But I cannot find any objects with this checked. I did find one that I used a symbol for a tree, but I unchecked the box entitled 'Plant Record' under it's data secion in the object info palette. Yet I still can't get into 'edit plants'
  5. This may seem like an odd question, but is there any way to create a worksheet using chosen plants without actually going through the action of placing the plants on the drawing? Sometimes I have been hand-drawing my plants after creating a siteplant on Vectorworks. I can do this very fast so it saves me alot of time. BUT, I have customized my Plant database with 'comments' that include maintenance. I would like to use that as a database and print that out on a separate sheet as a worksheet. Can that be done without going thru the action of placing plants so they show up on a worksheet? If so, could I manually fill in the quantity?
  6. How can I add my 9.5 custom plant symbols to a 10.5 favorites file for easy access? Or better yet, just put it in the 10.5 symbols list? Also, I have just recently been having the problem with VW10.5 quitting unexpectedly every 20 minutes or so. It has been better since I changed the save function to every 5 operations instead of every 5 minutes. I have Mac OS 10 Jaguar
  7. "You can change the default value of any plug-in using the Parameters button of the VectorScript Plug-in Editor command on the Organize menu." Wow, I think I need some help with that. Under the Organize menu, under Scripts, under "Create Plug in"? Then what do I do? How do I recognize which named plug-in includes the link lines for multiple plant placement? Seems complicated.
  8. Thanks Robert. I was able to edit the worksheet just fine. The fields seem to be consistently too short so I need to lengthen them for the comments and sometimes the name. I still don't understand why the height and width field doesn't fill in in the Define Plant box after choosing the Plant data button. My PRD was a custom import from VW 9.5. Could this be the problem? I played with the import several times because at first many fields didn't transfer. But I think I got it as right as possible; and the ht/width fields are now filled in properly. Also, is there a way to universally set the look when placing multiple plants? I don't want connecting lines on multiple plant placements and it seems I can only do this after the fact in the OB. In VW9 this could be defined before plant placement.
  9. I have been unable to have the comments field show up on my Plant List. When I select plants for the Plant Catalog, neither the comments field nor the plant ht/width shows up. Is there a way I can have these entered in automatically rather than manually? I want to use the comments field in the PRD for maintenance tips for the client and I don't want to enter it each time for every job. I'd like to just store all the info in the PRD and have it tranfer to the Plant Catalog. Also, I don't understand why the height/width fields don't fill in either. Also, is there a way that only the selected symbols used in the Plant Catalog show up in the Place plant tool? It is a pain to scroll thru unused symbols looking for your symbol. In addition, is there a way that I can have certain symbols always attached to certain plants, thereby avoiding that extra step for the next job?


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