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Bruce Kieffer

Dual Dimensions Not Working in One Drawing.


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Has anyone else had this problem? I created a dual stacked dimension standard in my drawing, then I noticed that the "inches" figure was not correct. It was not showing the fractions. The width of the box is 23-5/8". The dimension shows 23". I checked all of my settings, units too, and they are all correct. If I change the dimension to another standard, then the dimension shows the fractions correctly. This is what I see:



To troubleshoot I opened a blank drawing and created the dual stacked dimension standard there and it works. Then I copied the layer objects from the offending drawing to the blank drawing, and it works there. This is what it looks like in the blank file:



Any suggestions what the problem might be?


Strangely, dual side-by-side shows the dimension correctly:



OK, I think I narrowed the problem down to that the fraction does not show if the inches fraction is set to a stacked fraction. I tested that in both drawings and found this is true.



I also tested ungrouping the dimension and that makes the fraction visible.


I guess this is another bug 😫


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@Bruce Kieffer This a confirmed bug that I actually previously submitted ( VB-154481 ). I stumbled across this a few months back as well and came to the same conclusions. Once I get a further update, I'll let you know.


I am also moving this into the "known issues" section.

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