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Slab Style on a Site Model

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I've been working on quite a complex terraced design which I have developed using Walls, Slabs and Hardscapes each with their own slab or wall style applied.

To neatly tie the levels to meet what will be a building line I've used a series of 3D loci to produce a site model which visually has been quite successful. The majority of the Terrace will be constructed on made up ground (detailed by the engineer) with the top zone (300mm) being topsoil and grass/planting. Is there a way that I can apply a slab style to show this so that it appears on the sections I have cut through the model?


Thanks in advance.

Screenshot 2019-07-18 at 16.25.55.png

Screenshot 2019-07-18 at 16.29.28.png

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Not quite clear on your goal. Do you need to show the various soil/plant layers in the sloping site model sections, similar to the hatched layers in the level areas?


if that’s it then several workarounds, but I’m not aware of a built in vwx solution.


Easiest is to draw 2d shapes in the section vp Annotations space. These use the actual section as a guide.  The 2d also obscures any section elements that need hiding.  This is obviously a pain if many sections required or if many revisions.


 What we really need for this is a texture bed with thickness or with components that have thickness and attributes. Or at least an easy way to retrieve an efficient surface object (NURBS surface?) from the Site Model. This surface could then be shelled as a volume Eg for the turf, then used to section or form other solids for soil or compacted base layers, etc.


I tried horsing around with converting texture beds to mesh or NURBS, or generic solids and adjusting their z values to represent the various layers. This produces stratigraphic lines in the section, but not closed solids with attributes.  Probably not worth the effort.


Also tried multiple duplicate site models, coincident then placed at various z values. Pretty much same section result as the multiple texture beds. Lines at the strata boundaries, but no easy process for closed volumes representing the strata.


or maybe you are trying to do something else entirely?



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Also, here's a 2016 thread with a technique for extracting a usable surface from a site model (DTM) and shelling it.  A few things are explored in the thread. Final few posts detail the process.  Process is same in newer versions.



Process starts with creation of a Drape Surface over the DTM.  Use the entire Drape, or extract a portion of the Drape via the Project tool or Solid Section of an extrude. Apply thickness via the Shell command.  If the Shell direction is downward, the Shell object can represent a stratum in the soil.  The bottom surface can be extracted with the Extract tool and that surface can be shelled downward to represent the next layer.  etc.


These shell objects are not modifiers of the DTM.  They are additional volumes which can have section attributes with fill, texture, or texture with hatch.  Worksheet can display volumetric info and record info about each shell.







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