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Creating schedules

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Hi all,


I'm canvassing fellow landscape designers as to how they go about presenting their schedules on the drawings. I'm struggling to get the report system to display the appropriate information accurately, clearly in a manner that is appealing and consequently I'm querying whether I'm employing the right approach in creating my landscape plans in the first instance.


Currently I represent bulk planted areas like woodland mixes & ornamental mixes with the landscape area tool (populated with pre-configured resources from the resource manager). Individual/Avenue trees are created with the Plant tool and areas of grass with a simple hatched polygon. I'm not sure of the best way to achieve a hedge definition (i.e. a mixed native hedge may be best with landscape area, but this doesn't show the linear meter of planting). 


I need a schedule (report) that essentially encapsulates the above without duplication etc. It may be that I need a mixture of reports to talk to landscape areas, individual plants, basic polygons and whatever hedges would use, and then stack them on the drawing.


Ideally I'd like it to look something like: (old non-smart excel format)




Can I get an idea of what approaches other people use and how they've dealt with any shortcomings the software might present.


Many thanks in advance!






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@DanT Trying to bring together several different database queries has always been a limitation in worksheets. I have addressed this in the past by using one database worksheet to extract the data then another to compile and perform calculations. Perhaps this might be an approach you can use.

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