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Sally yang

Planting schedule add more rows of plants based on its category

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Hi Everyone, I'm having a bit trouble with my planting list. I have selected a prescribed worksheet (plant list) to show my planting schedule. The pre-made one list plants based on its' category. But some category is missing so my planting is not listed in the schedule. How can I add the category into the worksheet and make sure all the plants are counted? Thank you!


As the following showed, there is no category of succulent and orchid so currently, I changed the agave as a shrub to make it be included in the schedule but I don't want to change the orchid section as shrubs...


I have tried to insert rows but I don't know how to link the row with the actual plant...


If anyone could help that would be great!



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Hi @Sally yang,


The easiest way IMO would be the following:

  1. Select an existing row with a database header (it will have a diamond all the way on the left) and make a copy of it. If the diamonds aren't showing up, select the dropdown menu View and make sure there is a "check" next to Database Headers.
  2. After you make a copy of this row, right-click and select Edit Criteria (see image).
  3. When the Criteria dialog box opens up you can type the desired plant (i.e. Orchid) in the far right entry for the field value.
Hope this helps!

Edit Criteria.png

Type Category.png

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@Sally yang Glad to hear! An easier way may be to use another worksheet (find attached). You can copy and paste this worksheet into your active drawing. All of the plants will appear since the "criteria" is set to "Plant Record" is "present". There is a column for Category. You can type the appropriate category in the respective cell and it will push that data into the plant object itself. Once complete, Recalculate the other worksheet 😉 

Plant List - Category.vwx

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