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File Split / Structure

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Hi there,

Can anyone give an opinion how i split / structured my model and drawing files. Please refer attachments. The reason i split the files is for easy handling plus i need to share it with other disciplines which are using revit. The problem that i faced is on the files which i used to produce sheets & drawings. It is quite slow when updating the references & sometime do crash.Luckily it is on early stage so what i need is just plans, sections & elevations. I cant imagine what will happen in future since i am going for BIM for my project. BTW i am using VWX 2019 SP3. My file size currently (with all the references) is 934mb.

Thanks in advance.



Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 1.21.39 PM.png

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If everything ends up in a single 01-Plan file there is little value to the structure.


To me, plan sheets might as well be in the model files for ease of working.

Also there many advantages to having a single model or distinct sections of buildings of a complete file.

Things that can't or won't be touched are also good boundaries for files.  


Break out rendered or subservient content in to other files such as Elevation, Sections & details.  

Also, Library and separate project files can be great places for prototypes schedules, like Walls, Door/Window, Generic Bathrooms / Kitchens even apartments.

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@Matt Overton ,


Thanks for ur thought. It is good to have sheets in model files but when it come to sections & elevations i still need it to be in a file with all the reference.

Fyi i have separated the plans, sections and elevations in 3 individual files. 👌



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