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Hello All


So once again struggling to find any useful information in the tiny manual.


Very simply need to display video content from a video file on my computer on a screen inside vision.


Had a more complex file but started from a black vectorworks document to test.

I have made a surface inside Vectorworks, selected the vision video source and then save and sent to vision.


Inside vision the screen flashes once and then is blank.


What size can the video file be resolution wise.

What format should the video file be.

How do you crop the video to fit the screen. I know you can crop if there is a capture source but no option seems to exist for saved videos.


Please any help much appreciated.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The video format should be a simple avi file. [YUV format using the  DV Video, MPEG-4 (XVID) codec]


We texture map the video based on how the image is texture mapped to the object, so the image you use in Vectorworks should be the same size as your video.

Vision does not allow you to do any texture mapping so it all has to be done in Vectorworks.


The "Vision 2017 Demo" in the "Demo Documents" folder contains a sample using a video file if you want to take a look at a working example.

It uses the firecinepak_xvid.avi found in \textures\scene\ folder.

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