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  1. Richard Godin

    Crash - Cameras

    Hello Trying to learn about cameras but can not get very far. Every time i enable or address a camera or ambient the program crashes out. Any ideas All the best Rich
  2. Hello When manually assigning an 'other' fixture mode in vectorworks there is just a very very long list with no search of type tree. In the you tube video showing how to move from vectoroworks into vision there is a tree. See screen shot. Has this been removed? Rich Running 2018 sp3 on Mac
  3. Hello I have just received my dongle for Vision. A main selling point at Pro Light this year was that you could export a render with the camera flying through the space. How would i do this and where do i go as a resource to learn more about these features. I currently can no find a vectorworks vision manual. Help much appreciated. Rich


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