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Plant Catalog and Plant Database CHANGES!! in 2019 - boo!!!!!


Until 2019, Plant Catalog updates were also automatically sent to the Plant Database for updates.  Now they are two separate features, and now you must either choose the catalog or the database, and only the feature you chose can be automatically updated.  In other words: This is how I use to add a new variety.

Open a Plant Definition (now called Style), click on Get Plant Data, choose All Plant Data, in the left field with the long list of plant names - start typing the plant - and a list of plant names begins to show up, choose the plant with the closest name you are looking for and that information migrates to your Plant Definition / Style. Now change the name of the old variety to the name of the new variety, click OK. If the automatic update was checked, the PLANT DATABASE app would open and the database would update that plant. You might even get a message saying "waiting on plant database......Do you want to insert a new record for it".    This was brilliant because both the data set and the database would be essentially synchronized.     Now they are separate. You can export the whole data set to the database, but not just the one new style to the database.  Oh and the feature of having photos in the dataset sucks, since none of the photos in your database are in this 2019 plant data set / plant catalog. 


If the developers at Vectorworks, or if anyone has a workaround, please let me know.  Otherwise, Vectorworks PLEASE allow synchronization between the plant data set / plant catalog, and the plant database

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