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Fence tool _ Sports Field

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doing a quick look at the basics of the fence tool I see that you can set panels or frames and the top rail height but what if I need to make a fence with multiple panels like this one that is approx 20' tall. 


I tried making an 8'-0" high fence with the top rails acting as the panels by stacking 3 on top of each other but it slowed down the program drastically


I would love to show the vines in vector works as my whole model will be used as a diagram to show the aesthetic value of the fence and the relation ship the footings have with new construction on site. 


then I would like to save it as a template so that I can scale it to different sizes and use it on different projects (as a base for a green wall/trellis system...) 

BPC bsllfields fence.PNG

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This might be useful:


Make a short module of fence, and from that a symbol, for each type of panel or section - eg a stack of 3 with a pole at one edge, a stack with gates at bottom level, maybe a special corner unit, etc.  Class the vines inside each symbol so they can be hidden when not needed.   Then place instances of those symbols, duplicated around the perimeter.  These units can be made via the fencing tool, or via modeling tools and techniques.


The symbol instances can be rescaled. Some strategies will be needed if the terrain is not flat.  But a large number of instances, even with vines, will not likely slow the redraws and renders as much as an equivalent length of continuous "vined" fencing.


Maybe a hybrid would work?  Symbol instances in distant areas, continuous fencing at closeup areas of renderings?


Symbols can be saved as resources for future projects, and duplicate symbols can be customized for new projects or new contexts without need to start from scratch.



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