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Should I upgrade my IMac?


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I have a mid 2011 27 inch IMac running 2016 Vectorworks Landmark & Renderworks.

Now my ability to produce 3D drawings has improved my machine is struggling to keep up.

I know my hard drive is in urgent need of replacing and my local computer repair company has suggested a 1tb SSD Drive??

Will this improve my machines ability to render and power my 3D drawings or should I bite the bullet and upgrade to a 2018/19 IMac??


Any helpful advice will be greatly appreciated.


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If you had a spinning disk,

a SATA SSD will be much faster for anything loading and writing data.

Like booting, starting Apps, saving or opening files, VW Autobackups and such things.


If you are asking about RW Rendering,

that will be nearly only influenced by CPU speed + cores and a little bit of RAM speed.

An SSD will not help much there.


So after 8 years, any new Mac will be noticeably faster in any task.

If you go again with an iMac, I would wait another bit, as a Spec update is about time,



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