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How do I align individual stepping stones along a curved polyline?

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I want to create a pathway with individual stepping stones along a curved pathway. I thought I saw something like this in a video, but I can't find it. Nor can I find written instructions about how to do this. Any suggestions?

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On layer plane below site model create steppingstones. You probably want extrudes. Can draw individually. Or can  be one stone and a path object (eg a polyline), Select both, then Duplicate Along Path (Edit menu). Parameters in DAP dialog for count, spacing, offsets, etc. When all are arranged properly in Plan, Select all the stones then Send to Surface. 




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Thanks, Benson. 

I tried your suggestion. I'm using a library rock object for my stepping stone. VW won't allow that type of object to be extruded or extruded along a path. I'm working in 2D mode at the moment, not quite ready to go to 3D. Do I need to create my own 2D object for this to work?



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No, the Duplicate Along Path (DAP) command works with just about any vwx object.  Symbols, groups, 3d objects and 2d objects, etc.  So, draw your path poly (Top Plan, 2d), place a stone anywhere on the drawing (easiest is to place it close to poly so you can see both), Select the path and the stone, Then DAP (Edit menu). If you have a site model going (sounds like not for now), select all the stones and Send to Surface.


Notes re DAP:  When you first engage the command, a dialog appears, and, on the drawing, one of the objects highlights red (move the dialog box if it obscures).  The highlighted object will be the path.  If the wrong one is highlighted (eg if the stone is highlighted), click the Prev or Next button at top of dialog box to highlight other object (the polyline in your case).  Adjust the other parameters as desired and click Preview or OK.  If you click Preview and want a change, (more stones? longer space?), adjust the relevant parameter in the dialog and click Preview again, or click OK, or press Return (Mac) or Enter (Win).


Post back if no joy.



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