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Insert variable for table name in filter

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Hello, everyone,


is there a variable I can use in a filter of a table that returns the table title?


The following example

I have created a table with the title "Nordpol 12_12_5".

In this table I have a list of different symbols, among other things with a filter for the layer name. Because I only want to display symbols on this layer.

So within the table:

Obejctlist menu - Edit filter:

Layer - IS - North pole 12_12_5


I now click OK then I see in my command line at the top of the table:

=DATABASE(NOTINREFDLVP & NOTINDLVP & (L='Nordpol 12_12_5')) - (Please don't pay attention to the other filter options)

In this field I can now enter a different layer title and the filter will apply it.

can I set a variable like "get=tablename" or whatever?

Because if I have already named my table accordingly, it would be cool if this would be directly adopted here.


I hope I have expressed myself in a halfway understandable way.




Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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I wrote a script a while ago that will store the worksheet name into the worksheet.


Take a look at this thread and see if it will do what you need.



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