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Hoist Worksheet display on drawing

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I have a large convention center project with many separate areas. I want to put a hoist worksheet on my viewport. But I do to want all the hoist to show up. How do i sort the criteria for the worksheet. Do I need to create a worksheet for each area?



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One possibility is to draw Polygons or Spaces for each area and give them names.


Then you can add a Criteria of Location is "Name of Polygon" along with whatever other criteria you are using. This will give you just the hoists for that area.


Or on re-reading your original post, it sounds like you want all of the hoists in a single worksheet. If you don't have too many areas you could do a bunch of nested IF statements, something like:


=If (Loc('Area_1_Name','Area 1',If(Loc('Area_2_Name),'Area 2', If(....)))))


however deep you need to go.


Or just add a custom record with a field that defines what the Area is for each hoist and report this in the worksheet.


Or about a dozen different options.


Give us a little more detail on what you are trying to do and why and we might be able to offer a better suggestion.

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I was able to get a co-worker to finally explain worksheets and reports to me. I was able to create reports that were sorting based on function and origin. Thanks for the response though Pat!

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