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VW 2019 SP2 foggy problem

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Here's an image, showing an issue I have not noticed before: Two Spotlight Fixtures, roughly framing the window test units. The first image shows clearly the shutter cuts making the framing. The second image shows what happens when fog is added to the two fixtures. Something's not right…Let me know what I am doing wrong. Oh, also—that fog is set to 01%. Seems kinda heavy to me for 01%. Matter of fact, I just closed the file, reopened, then changed fog to 75%. Can't see any difference between 01% >75%. 

Oh, yeah, just checked, same issues in 2018 SP latest.

And for those of you keeping score, here's the result in C4D r18 (bottom image) What we see there is that I have changed the two fixtures with fog from the default visible light: VISIBLE to visible light: VOLUMETRIC. Does this mean that true C4D volumetric lighting is not available in VW?


3D windowtest v2019.png

3D windowtest v2019-Fog issue.png



Instead of actually getting work done today, I produced all this mess. I'd rather be doing the work I need to, rather than exploring why my tools don't do what's promised

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If I understand correctly, you are looking for a result like the image below.



If thats the case, I would recommend editing the resource for your Renderworks Background and making sure that receive shadows is checked. 



Let me know if this helps. 

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