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Bump Shader Image Settings Not Registering

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This is a known issue and will likely be fixedin 2019 SP1.


Using 2018 SP4 for Mac. I'm trying to use a PNG image file as a bump shader. I can import the image fine, but every time I set values in bump strength or displacement height, and the hit "Ok" or hit "Return", the preview does not update with a bump texture. When I reopen the bump shader settings, my imported image remains imported, however all settings return to their default values of zero.  Other bump shaders work fine, just the image shader. Also, I have no problem using my image for the three other shaders. I've closed and reopened Vectorworks.


I feel like I might be messing up a setting somewhere.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I have had this happen to me in two files before, but I was never able to reproduce it.

1) Please send me the affected file in a direct message, I can submit it.

2) Delete the original texture from your file, then import the new texture from the new file into it, and see if it starts responding. If it doesnt, you may want to try a layer import to bring everything into a new clean file:


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