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Callout tool streamlining

Ross Harris


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Also to add to this wish while I'm currently using it - can the tool ignore the veiwport scale in annotation view? It is intensely frustrating to set this up for one viewport only to have the head text size and fillet radius go out of whack for another differently scaled viewport.

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Yes, PLEASE.  I will withhold my temptation to record from other programs, however.   Annotating in general could be so much more streamlined. Here is what was posted in another string:


And please fix the stand alone leader line so that it is more useful (or maybe one should say actually useful.)   There seem to be two options currently.

a) get the text and leader lines the way you want them, then copy justify the next one.  


If you want to change the position or the text box size, you don't get a TEXT PREVIEW of your change. Why? And justifying is a trial and error affair.


b) input your text separately from the leader lines.  justify that in one text box (often not practical), or align separately.  Then add your leader lines.  EXCEPT, the leader line is so hard to use as to make this impossible.


c) use the keynote tools, which work well.   BUT, for certain types of drawings, you don't want a key note / database solution.

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